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Video to Digital – All Formats – Professional/High Quality Tape Transfers – VERY Affordable!

VHS, Video8, Hi8, VHS-C, Mini DV, Beta Tapes to USB, Hard Drive or DVD.

*(Limit 2 Hours Per 2 Tapes)


No Up-Front Fees …

FREE Pickup and Delivery …

FREE Tape Editing …

Video Upscaling ...

Security and Peace of Mind …

Flexible Payment Options …

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(Brisbane – Sunshine Coast – Gold Coast)

No Up-Front Fees

No up-front fees, payments or deposits required to start: We simply ask for a final payment upon completion, when your tapes and DVD’s/USB’s are ready for delivery.

FREE Pickup and Delivery

FREE Tape Pickup – FREE Return Delivery (Door to Door) … No driving, no posting, no hassles!

Quality Assurance Guarantee

At the Film Copy Centre we take great pride in doing the best job possible to bring your precious memories back to life, in rich living colour. To this extent, we GUARANTEE (at a minimum) to transfer your precious memories to a standard that is at least … as good (if not better) to what you have provided us with. That is to say … the BEST we can do with the age and condition of what we have to work with.

Video Upscaling

Standard PAL tapes offer a resolution of about 335×576 pixels. At the Film Copy Centre, when converting to Digital, we upscale your video’s picture to the highest quality possible, FREE of charge.

FREE Tape Editing

If your tape is not full, let’s say it is a 90 minute tape and 45 minutes contains your personal recording and the rest of the tape contains TV content, we will edit this out FREE of charge, leaving you with only your personal material.

Alternatively, let’s say there is a large blank space or a section where you left the camera on and recorded … the floor, if we see it or if you let us know in advance where this is, we will edit it out … FREE of CHARGE.

Security and Peace of Mind

The Film Copy Centre takes great care in handling your precious memories stored on old tape. Your items are handled in person from door to door. We document and code every client job that comes in each day.

We assign a video technician to look after your video transfer who codes, tracks and monitors your tapes from start to finish, minimising any possibility of loss. Our offices are kept locked and secure when unattended.

For added security and possible future editing purposes, we keep a backup copy of your recordings on our systems for up to 3 months after you have received them back.

Flexible Payment Options

We offer flexible payment programs for those who require. Payments can be made online or through your bank, Bank of Queensland, by cheque, money order or in person.

FREE Advice

The Film Copy Centre is here to help and advise you in the best manner possible. If we come across a problem with one of your VHS or camera tapes, we will call and speak with you first about the problem, advise options or quotes for repair if necessary.

An Important Message From …

Steve Houghton

CEO, Film Copy Centre​

If you are like most of our clients … I know your video tapes are preciously important to you … and let me reassure you … they are to us too!

I understand, you have IMPORTANT MEMORIES (like most of us) to cherish … special moments with your parents … children growing up … births, christenings, school concerts, sporting events, special occasions, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, family trips and adventures … these are irreplaceable!

This is why we are VERY FUSSY at the Film Copy Centre and take GREAT CARE in working with your tapes, treating them as if they are our own precious treasures! From the time of our pickup, right through to delivery back to you, each step along the way … we treat your memories … like GOLD!

If at any point we run into a problem during the video conversion process, we will IMMEDIATELY speak with you personally, provide advice, options and possible solutions.

Common Questions and Concerns

I do not know what’s on my tapes, or if they are half full – blank or if they are still playable?
No problem, this is not unusual with many of our clients. Generally, we’ll only capture your personal recordings, leaving out any unwanted random TV recordings that shouldn’t be there.

We can provide either format or both formats together. But be aware, DVD’s are now considered OLD technology and do not offer the same conveniences or flexibility as USB in terms of editing, file sharing, backups & uploading to the cloud whereby your family and friends can view your stored video memories from anywhere in the world these days.

Best to call us to discuss the best option that suites your needs.

Can I edit and copy my USB’s and DVD’s?

The short answer is yes, but best to speak with us about it further as there are some things that you need to know such as … file formats, appropriate software to use, etc.


Tape Transfer Quality … Our Quality Assurance Guarantee is …

I can assure you of this; we will do our VERY BEST to achieve the highest quality video tape conversion possible … or your money back!

However please understand, we are limited by your tape’s age and condition and can only get a result that is as good as what you give to us to start with.

To this regard we provide GUARANTEES, displayed on our website.


Based on 29 years of hands-on experience, working with thousands of old video tapes, we’ve found that VHS and Camera tapes often start to age around the 18+ year mark. A significant problem in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast is … MOLD and FUNGUS! Mold is visible whilst fungus is not. Both can destroy a tape if left … long enough.

Other common signs of video age deterioration include: “snow bands”, “picture flicker” or simply “loss of sharpness” as your tapes age. The good news is that MOLD and FUNGUS can usually be removed from tapes, however “snow bands” and “picture flicker” … cannot! Where tapes are cleanly snapped or have broken cases … these are fixable.

Avoid Repairs

If your tapes are approaching 20 years or older and are precious … you of course want the BEST VIDEO TRANSFER possible, at the LOWEST PRICE … my advice is … do not delay … it’s not in your best interest as repairs can be costly and memories irreplaceable!

 We are standing by to answer any of your questions and look forward to speaking with you soon.

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