Bulk Discounts & FREE Pickups

What are the advantages by ordering in bulk?

“When placing a bulk order, we'll make sure that you are offered the best available discount on your order”

At the Film Copy Centre we reward clients with further discounts based upon quantity, making sure that you will receive best available discount on your order.

For example, because it becomes more cost effective for us to work on 5 or 10 tapes instead of 1 or 2, we are able to provide value pricing in bulk.

Upon placing your order, a dedicated video technician will be assigned to you, who will guide and be of help along the way. Should you have any forgotten questions or other issues, your video technician is there to help.

They will also ensure that your order is prioritised to meet your deadlines and monitor the quality control and security of your items. Should there be any problems that you need to be aware of, your video technician will contact you directly to discuss.

To find out how this works or to get a personal quote, phone:

1300 730 430​