How Long Will Your DVD's Last?

Did you know … the normal, cheap DVD’s that everyone is using these days may ONLY LAST 15 TO 20 years! Yes, and we have heard of limited instances of this happening already. So is this the beginning of a trend? We will only find out in time. It’s better to be safe rather than sorry. Your BEST OPTION is to TRANSFER your DVD’s to USB in a MP4 format. This way you will insure their long term preservation. The good news is that this is not expensive to do, so … Call us for a FREE QUOTE.

The Film Copy Centre has a very affordable Solution to this problem; call us to discuss how we can record your memories to the best media in Australia.


What about USB or Hard Drive Storage?

This is another option you can consider and will allow for easy editing and file sharing or uploading to the Internet. By converting your old analog tapes to digital MP4 format on USB, you’ll have increased accessibility of your memories. Digital MP4 files can be easily stored on a computer or other digital device and shared with family and friends. They can also be easily transferred to other devices or platforms, allowing the memories to be viewed on a wide range of devices (TV’s, computers, ipads, etc) and in different locations from … AROUND THE WORLD.”


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