Terms and Conditions

The Film Copy Centre (FCC) and Digital Media Productions (DMP)

Referred to as: FCC/DMP


1) FCC/DMP do not take any responsibility and disclaim all liability in any issue related to copyright material. Where FCC/DMP deem necessary you may be asked to provide written proof of your right to copy such materials in advance.


(a) FCC/DMP do not take any responsibility and disclaim all liability in any issue related to the coping of any material that may viewed as defamatory of any person, business or company.


FCC/DMP do not take any responsibility and disclaim all liability (including liability for negligence) for any loss or damage (including consequential loss or damage) regardless of however caused, which occurs directly or indirectly as a result of the supply of services or failure to supply services to you, including damage of goods or loss of such goods you have supplied to FCC/DMP. Furthermore FCC/DMP doesn’t provide any warranties in relation to their services, except those stated in these terms and conditions and guarantees expressed on this website. FCC/DMP acknowledge that these terms and conditions do not limit your rights under the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Commonwealth) and similar state or territory legislation (“the Acts”). If FCC/DMP breaches a warranty or condition implied by such Acts, FCC/DMP’s liability for such breach will be solely limited to the re-supply of services or the cost of re-supply.


All content provided to FCC/DMP is keep private, confidential and stored securely on our systems only long enough to insure safe delivery back to you. Once your job is completed and returned safely to you, we then delete your content from our storage drives, thus we require prompt payment to insure we have the free space available for the next client job to commence in a timely manner straight after your job has been completed, paid and returned. Your late payment SLOWS this whole process and affects … everyone else!


No payments are required upfront to commence services, however once your order has been completed, FCC/DMP will then request full payment within 7 days by either COD, money order, cheque, online or offline electronic transfer. Goods cannot be released until full payment has been received from you. LATE payments can attract additional security storages fees of between $5 to $15 per week and interest charges in line with ANZ bank current credit card rates … if full payment has not be paid within 30 days of initial completion notification supplied by SMS text, phone, mail or email.


Please refer to: Our Commitment To Excellence


In order to keep your DVD’s in good working condition and to get the longest life out of your disc’s the following care should be exercised …

a) Avoid touching the surface, or getting fingerprints, dust, or liquid onto your disc. 
b) Keep your disc’s in their cases when not in use and avoid leaving them in direct sunlight.
c) Do not attach labels or print on the disc with any kind of pen or ink marking utensil.